Why is this necessary?

Public sector organisations are facing ever-increasing demand for their services. This calls for a different approach. Through Connect and joint working, the aim is to deliver more high quality integrated services.

Current pressures include a decrease in funding combined with both an increased demand from service users and increased public expectations of what can or should be delivered.

Suffolk’s population is increasing, and by 2031 it is estimated that there will be a 55% increase in the number of people in the county aged over 65 and a 72% increase in people aged over 75. As the population increases and people live longer, this will mean more people living with sustainable long-term health conditions.

Connect is an important project to:

  1. Promote integrated care
  2. Ensure services can cope with the projected increase in demand
  3. Make sure that patients get the care and support they need, with each organisation working and communicating together with others more effectively and directly.

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