What is the integrated care model about?

The model is not just about the community working together. It also includes NHS 111, hospitals and paramedics. There are four elements to this new model of care.

  1. Prevention – This is about keeping people healthy and happy, ideally in own their homes, supported by local networks which they can use to get the help and support they need.
  2. Integrated Care Coordination – The focus is also on keeping people with multiple or complex health needs in their own home too. These people will be identified by health and social care professionals who will work together as Integrated Neighbourhood Teams (INTs). These professionals will plan and coordinate services so that the needs of both patients and their carers can be met.
  3. Urgent Care Response and Treatment – This will ensure a rapid response for patient assessment and treatment, reducing the number of telephone numbers needed when urgent and emergency care is required. The ambulance service and NHS 111 will work more closely together and there will be better management of people attending A&E and, where appropriate, referrals to community-based rather than hospital-based services.
  4. Returning to Independence – The Integrated Neighbourhood Team professionals will also have responsibility for ensuring people access the right rehabilitation services so they can get back to living a normal, happy and independent life as quickly as possible. The rehabilitation process includes not only practical support, but also ensuring all patients have access to the information they need to make the right healthcare decisions to support their recovery and future health and wellbeing.

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