What are Neighbourhood Networks?

Your Neighbourhood Network is defined by you. It is all your social connections, this can be family, friends, people you know through work, community groups, voluntary sector organisations, shops, GP practice and community pharmacies.

Your Neighbourhood Network can have a key role in promoting and supporting wellbeing and positive lifestyle behaviours. What we already know is that social connections are important to reduce social isolation and loneliness – people with better connections have better health and an improved sense of wellbeing.

Connect looks at how an effective Neighbourhood Network can help an individual. By making sure health and social care staff/professionals work together with local charities and voluntary/community groups, Connect teams are aware of what is available to benefit an individual within their Neighbourhood Network, and can help them to get the support they need.

There is a new role – Local Area Coordinator (LAC) – in place in Sudbury, East Ipswich, Saxmundham/Leiston and Beccles which has staff on the ground working with people to ensure they are able to access the community support and groups they want to.

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