What are Integrated Neighbourhood Teams?

A typical Integrated Neighbourhood Team (INT) will consist of staff from a number of different teams/ professions: social care for adults and children/families, health, police, mental health, district and borough teams, along with the voluntary sector. The staff from these different teams will work together to deliver a number of key objectives:

  • Reductions in permanent admissions to residential/nursing care
  • To demonstrate the effectiveness of re-ablement i.e. getting people moving again
  • Reductions in non-elective emergency hospital admissions
  • Reductions in forced evictions and homelessness
  • Better health outcomes (including less obesity, smoking and teenage pregnancy, and more breastfeeding)
  • Improved emotional wellbeing
  • Reduced rates of re-referral i.e. treating people multiple times
  • Ensuring that the ‘voice of the service user’ is clearly heard

INTs might do this by holding a number of multi-agency team meetings to discuss those customers/patients that they have in common. This is just one idea.

INT staff, who will remain employed by their own organisations, will offer seven-day cover to help people maintain their independence, enable self-management and support ways to prevent people going into hospital unnecessarily and help them leave hospital safely. These professionals will behave proactively so that people are given the right care, treatment or information early on. Each individual will have a named coordinator who will be responsible for that person’s ongoing care, meaning that they do not get lost in the system.

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