Can you share any Connect success stories?

We are currently compiling a number of case studies for this website to show how Connect is helping people across the county. The following success story is one example of the benefits being experienced by members of the public through the coordinated care approach of the Connect project:

A gentleman with type 1 Diabetes lived alone in a property that he shared with tenants. His wife lived abroad and he had no formal care in place. Poor control of his Diabetes had caused infections, lethargy, low mood and many admissions to hospital with hypoglycaemic (low blood sugar) episodes.

As part of the Connect project, a community matron, social worker, diabetic nurse specialist and district nursing team worked together with the gentleman and a named carer from a local care agency to draw up a holistic coordinated care plan in his home. They began by asking the gentleman what his goals were and he said that he would like to fly abroad to visit his wife.

The team then used the general principles of how to manage diabetes together with the existing hospital specialist care plan that had been devised for the gentleman to draw up and agree on a plan. It highlighted the importance of timely visits by the carer to help the gentlemen regain his independence by ensuring good nutrition (through planning meals and learning how to use a slow cooker), to help in monitoring glucose levels within given guidelines and to provide encouragement and support to help with low mood.

The carer followed the plan and progress was monitored through regular meetings between the carer, social worker and local area coordinator at the gentleman’s home. Within one month the gentleman’s episodes of hypoglycaemia had been reduced from many to just one. He was happier, less lethargic and able to function better. He was also able to book the ticket abroad to see his wife.

A huge improvement was made in this case through the coordinated care that was planned and put in place with the gentleman in his home by the specialist nurses, the community district nursing team, the community matron, the social worker and the care agency in liaison with the hospital. The named carer had a clear plan to work to and the support of a coordinated team.

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