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Since April 2016, the organisations involved in the Forest Health Connect Integrated Neighbourhood Team (INT) have been working closer together to provide the right mix of support in a more efficient and timely manner to meet people’s needs.

To date, there have been many good news stories where local people are feeling the benefits and further improvements will be made as the Connect way of working continues to develop. These include:

  • Joint visits,
    Through Connect, teams have been working more closely to support families. In a recent case family members were concerned about an elderly relative’s mobility and ability to manage various tasks. A coordinated visit with a Social Worker, Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist alleviated some of the concerns raised and put strategies and support in place. The Physiotherapist was able to explain how the customer’s illness was affecting her mobility, and how they were more able than they initially appeared to be, this knowledge supported the care the Social Worker was able to give.A discussion with the family afterward indicated how stressed they had been with the situation, and how they now they felt very supported by all the services.
  • My Care Wishes
    When an individual is living with frailty, has a long term illness, or has been identified as being within the last 12 months of life, it is essential that they have the opportunity to plan for their future. Teams in Forest Heath have been trained in My Care Wishes where individuals are able to discuss with a health and/or social care professional about what may happen as their condition progresses and to record their preferences for care.This gives people a voice in their future care and ensures their wishes are known in an emergency situation.

One of the aims of Connect is to help people be aware of what support is available in their local community to help them and their families lead a healthy and active life.

Below you will find links to websites which have information on services, groups and events in your local area.

Local health services

Local services

Community groups and activities


Local village and parish council websites

Everything that is going on in Mildenhall, Newmarket and the surrounding area that is on Suffolk InfoLink

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Countywide organisations and support

Additional contact details and links to useful websites can be found on our Contacts/Help page which aims to help you find the specific support you need across Suffolk.

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