NEW Community Connector project in South Rural area

Do you Live in the Shotley or Holbrook area?

  • Did you wake up today and think “more of the same” and wish something different and interesting could happen in your life?
  • Has one of life’s many challenges been thrown at you recently, and you are not quite sure where to turn for advice and information?
  • Have you received professional advice to take greater care of your health and wellbeing, to be more active, physically or socially?
  • Have you recently moved to the area or just find yourself alone because of bereavement, separation or your children growing up?

The Connect South Rural Integrated Neighbourhood Team (INT) has been collaborating with Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Family Carers in the development of a new mobile social prescribing scheme for the South Rural area.

The Community Connector Scheme aims to do just what it says! It will assist individuals to find non-clinical solutions to improve their own health and wellbeing by supporting them to connect with their local community. This can include advice and information on local services and connecting individuals to social activities, clubs, groups, and like-minded individuals in their community. The Scheme does this by offering a private face to face discussion with a “Community Connector” to explore what matters to the individual.

The scheme uses the Suffolk Family Carers bus to travel to different locations, beginning in Shotley and Holbrook in November 2017.

Individuals don’t have to have a personal appointment with the Community Connector, they can simply turn up at the bus and have a chat or get involved in some of the other activities and sessions that will be on offer. There will be opportunities to meet with other people working in your community, either offering advice, ideas, or new activities and initiatives.

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