Adult and Community Services team moves to new base in Sudbury Health Centre

The team at the county council which delivers adult and community services (ACS) in the Sudbury area has relocated to a new base at the Sudbury Community Health Centre.

This is another positive step in the development of Connect Sudbury which aims to develop closer working between the county’s health and social care organisations, with the ambition of ensuring local people receive joined-up care that better meets their needs.

The ACS team will join other health and social care professionals at the new centre, such as community nurses, to form the new Sudbury Integrated Neighbourhood Team. By having all the different agencies part of one team will help achieve better coordination of services received by local people.  Having the different organisations under one roof will help professionals make more rounded, better informed decisions about a person’s needs.

Cllr Rebecca Hopfensperger, Cabinet Member for Adult and Community Services at Suffolk County Council  said: “One of the major issues raised by local people as we were developing Connect Sudbury was how not having the different providers operating from the same  location would make it hard to better coordinate how services were delivered.

Cllr Hopfensperger continued: “The relocation of the ACS team is another step forward in achieving our ambitions to improve a person’s health and wellbeing, prevent ill-health and offer fair and equal access to services.”

Dr Ed Garratt, chief operating officer, NHS West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group said: “Across the health and social care sector in Sudbury there is a wealth of expertise and commitment from staff who want to do their very best for the community. This relocation represents another forward move in delivering the vision of Connect Sudbury and it is pleasing that the team has made its home with other providers in the new community health centre.”

Jill Thomas Social Work Manager said: “It is great that we are now working in closer proximity with colleagues from the health sector. It means we can get together more quickly and make co-ordinated decisions on how we can best support people.”

Adult and Community Services work with adults aged over 18 including those living with physical and learning disabilities through appropriate packages of support, care and information.


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