Frequently Asked Questions

Who is involved?
Why is this necessary?
What is the integrated care model about?
How long has the project been running?
What are Neighbourhood Networks?
What are Integrated Neighbourhood Teams?
To make this project work, different organisations need to share information better. How will this happen?
With so many organisations involved, where does accountability and responsibility sit?
Many people are confused by the options available and don’t know the right place to go for help. How will this change?
How will the project develop?
Is Connect supported by all organisations locally?
Can you share any Connect success stories?
From my perspective, how will this be different to what happens now?
If there is someone that I know that I think needs help what should I do/how do I help?
Will this mean that services are lost, reduced or changed?
How would you best describe Connect?

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You may be able to answer some of your questions by visiting the Infolink website.




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